Custom Bladez

Do you have a design you want? Or maybe you have seen our work and would like something similar but with your special touches or ideas?

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Full Tang

Most of our work focuses on Full Tang knives, however, we can do hidden tang and folding knives as well.

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We have done a few axes for people and they tend to have a lot of detail that goes into them. If you want to challenge us with an Ax, let us know we would be happy to accommodate.

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How we got Started

Oregon Bladez was originally just something we did for Christmas one year when money was tight. We purchased some pre-made Knife blanks that were already heat treated. All we had to do was put together some handle materials, shape them and finish them. They came out good enough. Pretty soon those blades were being shown to family and friends who wanted to buy more.

We have since learned to make knives and axes doing what is known as the “Stock Removal” process. We but bar stack or Damascus Billets. Then we draw or trace our designs on. We cut the blade to shape and refine it using grinders, files, and other tools. Heat treat and then finish assembling and shaping. Why do we do it this way? Simple, Anthony’s disability does not allow him to swing a hammer, but this method allows us to still produce a quality blade at a reasonable price.

We enjoy adding a little extra detail to make your blade unique.
the first damacus knife that started this whole thing
This is the Knife that started it all! I made this one for my Father for Christmas along with one for my brothers and Uncle. Thanks to a hard year and creative Christmas we are having fun turning out several blades each year.

Next Steps…

If you’re looking for a custom knife you won’t find anywhere else, you have come to the right people. We have over 40 years of combined customer service, we believe in treating our customers like family. Not just family, but the family you like, want to help and take care of.